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On The Power of Theatre:

Presence, Connection, Flow, Happiness, Community


-Patsy Rodenburg: Presence, the Second Circle, and Theatre

-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow and Happiness

-On what makes theatre special

-Johann Hari: On isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and the need to connect with other humans

-On theatres as communal centers

-On Theatre and Empathy

-On Theatre and Collaborative Civic Engagement

-On "Paying Attention" (experiencing flow, presence, and connection while acting) as opposed to "Getting Attention" (through social media)

-On conquering anxiety onstage by focusing on the person you're talking to (listening and sharing), not on yourself

-More Johann Hari: On isolation, the human need to connect with others, depression, digital technology, and flow 

-Barbara Sher: On collective problem solving, connecting with and helping others, creating community

-On micromastery, and the happiness that comes from learning new skills

Shakespeare, Theatre, and Arts Education:

Impact and Resources


-Impact of Shakespeare in Education

-Shakespeare: Teaching resources​

-Arts and the Economy

​-Impact of Theatre and Arts Education​

-Dance Education and Impact

-Music Education and Impact

Resources for Actors


-Play Texts

-Places to watch Shakespeare theatre productions online

-Some favorite general resources for acting

​-General resources for developing knowledge of Shakespeare




Links to Causes


Black Lives Matter / Anti-Racist Resources


-Don’t know what to do? Find out from leaders of this movement


-A Starting Point: Thinking About Implicit Bias


-Lists of Resources

-Theatre Companies, Plays, and other Performing Arts Resources

-Things to Read, Listen to, and Watch

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