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Our Work As Seoul Shakespeare Company (SSC)


Since our departure in 2019, Seoul Shakespeare Company has continued with a new leadership team.

Follow them here!:

From 2015 to 2019, we were the two-person producing, directing, designing, and sometimes acting team behind Seoul Shakespeare Company, with Lauren Ash-Morgan serving as Artistic Director and producer, and Michael Downey as regular stage director.

We first met as actors in SSC's first full production, Macbeth, in 2011, in which we were cast as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, and from there became regular SSC actors and board members. By 2015, Lauren had become SSC's Artistic Director and main designer and Michael the company's main director, and beginning with Much Ado About Nothing, we sought to create a new style for the company: taking inspiration from Shakespeare’s Globe in London, we began to prioritize continuous action, energetic pacing, minimal sets, vibrant interplay between actors, effective use of music (including live music when possible), full costume construction (based on whatever historical period the play suggested to us), simple props, an attunedness to the language of Shakespeare and an openness to being pulled in the direction shown to us by the text in rehearsals, and creating a feeling of ensemble. We focused on letting each play speak to and through us, giving actors the freedom to follow their instincts, and allowing a plurality of meanings and perspectives to come forth organically in rehearsal. We also prioritized the development of actor training methods, nurturing talented people with a variety of levels of experience and insisting on a degree of excellence to satisfy both actors and audiences. 

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All available videos related to productions are in SSC's Video Archive. 

Photos of all shows, and scans of printed programs, are in SSC's Photo Archive.

(For our Fall 2019 productions of The Orderly and Garage, co-produced in rep by Speech of Fire and Seoul Shakespeare Company, see our Speech of Fire Performance Repertoire page)

All videos below were edited by Lauren.

King Lear
Seoul Shakespeare Company
Trailer / Fundraising Video / Company Update:

King Lear (리어 왕)

May 18-June 2, 2019

Theater Egg and Nucleus

Directed and Produced by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Costume, Set, Sound, and Lighting Design by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Musical Composition/Arrangement/Direction by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Fight Choreography by Jason Cutler

Blood effects by Amanda Conkey

Poster concept by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Graphic Design by Charles Joongwon Jeong

Video editing by Lauren Ash-Morgan

Seoul Shakespeare Company presents Shakespeare's masterpiece, King Lear.

The final production for our Artistic Director, producer, and actor Lauren Ash-Morgan and regular stage director and actor Michael Downey, after nine years with the company.

Show Page:           

(This show was videorecorded and will eventually be available.) 

The Merchant of Venice
Seoul Shakespeare Company 
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