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Private Coachings

Can't make it to one of our group classes? Prefer to be coached individually? No problem! We are available for private coachings via Zoom!


Book a one-hour session with us for $50 USD by emailing us at We'll be happy to work with you for a single session or for repeated sessions over time.

What happens in a coaching?

Typically, you will bring in a monologue or scene that you would like to work on. (Shakespeare is our specialization, but we're open to other pieces too.) We will see where you're at with it and help you develop it further. If you'd like to do something drastically different from this (such as spend the time chatting about technical text stuff or about a character or play, or if there's a specific skill you'd like to focus on), just let us know when you contact us.

Instructors: Lauren Ash-Morgan and Michael Downey

(We usually co-teach, but you can request just one of us if you wish. The tuition amount is the same either way.)

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