Celebrating Shakespeare, 2021

Connecting globally through celebrating Shakespeare

Share your monologues, scenes, and thoughts on Shakespeare, now until the end of 2021!

To celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday, we are launching this page and inviting you to share monologues, scenes, and thoughts to celebrate Shakespeare and connect with each other online, from now to the end of 2021.

We’ve created a hashtag for this celebration (#SpeechofFireCelebratingShakespeare2021), and we are devoting this page to collecting the pieces we receive. (We also have a Facebook event page for easy sharing: https://fb.me/e/25bsbLux4.)

All are welcome to participate, from any geographical location, any level of experience, any perspective (actor, audience member, director, designer, academic, student, etc.). The aim is a creative outlet, and a chance to be connected to each other in some way. We hope you'll explore others’ pieces on this page, and like and support them on their platforms.

We have some amazingly talented friends all over the world whom we would love to see perform something (and/or share some thoughts), and we're looking forward to seeing performances and thoughts from new faces as well!


Sometimes as actors (and non-actors) we feel we need to be invited before we can perform something. Please consider this an invitation, for anyone who could use a creative outlet right now! We’d particularly like to connect people in different parts of the world to each other with this project, and get people seeing each others’ performances, hearing each others’ ideas, and interacting with one another creatively.

We have our first two monologues! 

Send us yours!

Lauren Ash-Morgan

Speech of Fire Founding Co-Artistic Director, Seoul

Tamora, Titus Andronicus, Act 5 Scene 2

Youtube, TikTok, FacebookInstagram

Michael Downey

Speech of Fire Founding Co-Artistic Director, Seoul

Don Armado, Love's Labour's Lost, Act 1 Scene 2

Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram