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In February 2021 we released the video of our 2019 production of Michael Downey’s solo play The Orderly, asking viewers to support frontline workers, with links to the suggested charities.

You can watch The Orderly below. In lieu of purchasing a ticket for this show, please consider giving to a charity that supports frontline workers.


A helpful list of charities supporting medical efforts:

(Scroll up or down for other categories of covid-related charities as well)


Another helpful list:


Other ways to support frontline/essential workers:



The Orderly, by Michael Downey (2019) 



In The Orderly, raspy-voiced Peter shares his passion for Anglo-Saxon historical reenacting as an escape from his normal life as an orderly in a New Zealand hospital. Through the story of the Battle of Maldon, juxtaposed against the everyday struggles of daily life in a hospital, Peter uses history, literature, and the imagination to enrich life in a thankless job, and to make sense of loss.


The Orderly is a poignant comedy, full of storytelling and character switches, based on Michael Downey’s experience as a hospital orderly and the people he met there. The Orderly is part of our ongoing performance repertoire, meant for touring and remounting in various locations, but for now it’s free to watch from home!

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