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Resources for Actors

Standard Edited Editions of Shakespeare's Plays

(No links here; just search for the play title and the edition (such as "King Lear" "Arden") on Amazon. These are the edited editions we usually refer to when preparing for a show.)

The New Cambridge Shakespeare

Arden Shakespeare

The Oxford Shakespeare

Norton Critical Editions

Best place to find folio and quarto editions (including facsimiles):

University of Victoria's Internet Shakespeare Editions

Go to and hover over "Texts" in the upper menu. 

(Or Google the title of the play you want and "first folio." Click on the uvic site that comes up. From there you can find Quartos, facsimiles, etc.)

Modern "translations" of Shakespeare's plays

(Good for checking basic understanding, but these tend to simplify possible multiple meanings and pass over details)

No Fear Shakespeare

Shakespeare Made Easy series

Places to watch Shakespeare theatre productions online

Digital Theatre

Regularly updated with new, high-quality productions from the RSC, the Globe, the Old Vic, and other theatres, mostly in the UK.

Especially wide Shakespeare selections and price for educational institutions and teachers.

Monthly streaming subscription

Shakespeare's Globe in London

Mostly includes one production per Shakespeare play. Updated with a few new ones each year. You pay to download the video file.

National Theatre Live

Live broadcasts of productions from the National Theatre in London, only available to be watched when they are being screened in theaters. It is impossible to find full videos of these productions outside of screenings, but they do release interviews, trailers, and scenes from the productions on their site and on Youtube, which can give insights into the productions.

Broadway HD

North American productions, mostly musicals. Overall, the site's selection isn't necessarily of the highest-quality shows. Includes Shakespeare productions from Stratford, Ontario, old BBC Shakespeare productions, etc.). A rare place to see quality Shakespeare in North American accents. Playback might be slow.  

Monthly streaming subscription. I believe it's also possible to subscribe to them through Amazon, which might have better playback speeds.

BBC's 2016 "Shakespeare Lives" programming:

Including clips from Talawa Theatre Company's production of King Lear:

(The full production used to be available.)

A few favorite general resources on acting

How to Stop Acting, by Harold Guskin

Patsy Rodenburg - The Second Circle

Patsy Rodenburg - Why I do Theatre

Patsy Rodenburg on the Power of Presence

General resources for developing knowledge of Shakespeare

Shakespeare's Words (website), by David and Ben Crystal (paid subscription, but very affordable)


Shakespeare's Words (book), by David and Ben Crystal

Shakespeare on Toast, by Ben Crystal

Thinking Shakespeare, by Barry Edelstein

Playing Shakespeare (video series), John Barton, RSC (9 episodes)

This series tends to get taken down from Youtube from time to time and then reappear, so the links may become unavailable.)

Episode 1: The Two Traditions

Episode 2: Using The Verse

Episode 3: Language & Character

Episode 4: Set Speeches & Soliloquies

Episode 5: Irony & Ambiguity

Episode 6: Passion & Coolness

Episode 7: Rehearsing A Text

Episode 8: Exploring A Character

Episode 9: Poetry & Hidden Poetry

Playing Shakespeare: An Actor's Guide, by John Barton (book--basically a transcript of the video series. Good for quick reference after watching the video series.)

South Bank Show Special - Word of Mouth RSC (1979)

Tomorrow, and tomorrow -- Ian McKellen analyzes Macbeth speech (1979) (Clip from the South Bank Show Special)

Ian McKellen "Acting Shakespeare" (McKellan's touring solo show)

John Barton "The Shakespeare Sessions" 2003 (Masterclass with American actors)


Brave Spirits Theatre’s TEXT ANALYSIS GUIDE

Brave Spirits Theatre, other resources

American Shakespeare Center Study Guides

Designed for educators, but interesting for actors as well.

Creative Shakespeare: The Globe Education Guide to Practical Shakespeare (Arden Shakespeare)

Designed for education, but based on rehearsal techniques and exercises developed at Shakespeare's Globe in London