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During the summer of 2020, we created this page as a space to organize the many links to great anti-racist resources that were being shared on social media. Now that things have gotten quieter, it can be more difficult to find these kinds of resources, so we have preserved this page as a place to keep referring back to. 

Please note: We are unlikely to respond to requests from corporate marketers asking us to share their company’s BLM-related blog content on this page.

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Our message from June 12, 2020:


Black Lives Matter. Period.

At this moment in history, even amidst the loss and uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, nothing else feels as urgent as this movement, and it is important for us to pause our usual social media activities so that we can focus on bearing witness to what is happening and doing what we can for the Black Lives Matter movement.

We have been compiling a list of links to resources on our website (, including:
-links to leading organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement

-articles on anti-racism
-lists of anti-racist resources
-some theatre resources, including lists compiled by American Theatre of black theatre companies and relevant plays
-things to watch, listen to, and read

Between all the lists of resources within our list, there is a LOT there, but we’ll continue adding to it. Feel free to let us know of other important resources to add. Personally, we are finding the page helpful as we try to keep track of lasting, high-quality resources to keep coming back to while also keeping up to date with the barrage of news.


Over the years, we've found that harnessing the power of Shakespeare's language provides an outlet for whatever grief and pain we may be feeling, leading us perhaps toward some kind of meaning, however imperfect. In that spirit, we have shared in our social media, and on our home page, five quotes from Shakespeare’s plays that have sprung to mind this week. They resonate deeply with us right now, and perhaps they may with others, in this time of swirling grief, anger, and hope.

-Lauren and Michael


Don’t know what to do?

Find out from leaders of this movement:

Black Lives Matter




The Southern Poverty Law Center


Campaign Zero

8 Can't Wait (from Campaign Zero)

Equal Justice Initiative

The Bail Project





A Starting Point: Thinking About Implicit Bias and Talking About Race

A Conversation on Hidden Bias Part 1: Introduction and Howard J. Ross Presentation

A Conversation on Hidden Bias Part 2: Rene Redwood Presentation


10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race





What it really means to be an anti-racist, and why it's not the same as being an ally

Research-based solutions to stop police violence

(from Campaign Zero Co-Founder Samuel Sinyangwe)

"How to support Black Lives Matter, wherever you are”



(#useyourprivilege #unlearnracism)

11 Things You Can Do To Help Black Lives Matter End Police Violence

115 Ways to Donate in Support of Black Lives and Communities of Color​

Here’s What You Can Do to Demand Justice for Black Lives and Support Protestors Right Now

How to support Black Lives Matter and the protests against police brutality

6 ways to be antiracist, because being 'not racist' isn't enough

How the GI Bill's Promise Was Denied to a Million Black WWII Veterans

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop


National Museum of African American History and Culture

Suggested Competencies for White Allies & Change Agents

Kathy Obear, Center for Transformation & Change



Interrupting Bias: Calling Out vs. Calling In



Lists of Resources

Anti-Racism Resources

Where to start & how to continue..


Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources

Anti-racism resources

Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020.*cKyKQ5LZ8liQDOChzHsXyA

21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.


artEquity alumni community’s Resources for Anti-Racist Action June 2020 


Justice in June


A Detailed List of Anti-Racism Resources

Book, movie recommendations, and more

Katie Couric

Racial Justice, A List of Resources for White People Who Are Not on Twitter 24 Hours a Day



Resources for Black (Trans)women & LGBT+ People,

Organizations/Bail Funds,

Protest Tips

Anti-bias and anti-racism resources for teachers


Theatre Companies, Plays, and other Performing Arts Resources



Listen: How to Make Anti-Racist Theater


Black Theatres Across the U.S.

A listing of arts organizations dedicated to producing stage work about the African American and Black experience, and to developing artists and audiences of color.


The Ferguson Theatre Syllabus

This is clearly a teaching moment about race and justice in the U.S. Here’s a list of plays—new and old, all of them eerily timely—that speak to this essential American struggle.


Decolonizing and Diversifying Performing Arts - Resources and Databases

Things to Read, Listen to, and Watch

Watch 13th

Now available on YouTube for free, as well as on Netflix

29 Movies, Shows, and Documentaries to Watch to Educate Yourself on Racial Injustice

10 Documentaries To Watch About Race Instead Of Asking A Person Of Colour To Explain Things For You

"How to be an Antiracist"

Ibram X. Kendi at the Aspen Institute


'There Is No Neutral':

'Nice White People' Can Still Be Complicit In A Racist Society 

Interview with Dr. Robin DiAngelo

Dr. Robin DiAngelo discusses 'White Fragility'

Immaculate perception: Jerry Kang at TEDxSanDiego 2013 (on implicit bias)

Verna Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them

7 Anti-Racist Books Recommended by Educators and Activists


Several Antiracist Books Are Selling Out. Here's What Else Black Booksellers and Publishers Say You Should Read

Black history month Library

This is a time to be hopeful, and a time to change.

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