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Links to Resources/Influences/Causes

Technical Resources

Lighting Design:

Lauren compiled this spreadsheet of lighting design resources while directing, designing, and producing Seoul Shakespeare Company's production of King Lear in 2019. There was no lighting designer in the community at the time, so Lauren lit King Lear herself (and later Garage and The Orderly) by learning from these resources and then shared this list with other local actors and theatre-makers: 

Historical Costume Patterns

Lauren's go-to places for historical costume patterns are...

Elizabethan era:

Margo's Patterns (Used for men's doublets in Seoul Shakespeare Company's Much Ado About Nothing and The Merchant of Venice, and the main women's costumes and men's capes in The Merchant of Venice. The designs have undergone some modifications over time, so make sure you have the correct patterns and that everything you need is there. Margo has a Facebook group for support/questions/updates here: . There are sometimes errors in the patterns, but corrections are posted in the Files section of the Facebook page.)


Victorian and Edwardian eras:

Truly Victorian (Used for various women's costumes in Seoul Shakespeare Company's The Winter's Tale. Also a good source for corset boning and hoop wire.)

Major commercial pattern companies (not focused on historical accuracy): Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick

From our site visitors

A Beginner's Guide to Stage Makeup:

This was recommended to us by a young visitor to our site (thanks Claire!) as a starting point for actors to learn about stage makeup. It also includes a list of links to more in-depth resources:

Theatre History and General Theatre Resources

This collection of online resources on the history of British and European theatre, with an additional section on general theatre resources, was sent to us by a young visitor to our site. (Thanks Cam!):

A Guide to Theater Costumes and Historical Dress

This helpful collection of links on historical fashion eras and other theatre resources was suggested by a young visitor to our site (Thanks Blake!):

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