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Current Location: Seoul, South Korea

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Acting Workshops

This October, as we prepare for King Lear auditions, we are offering three different weekly acting courses, to help actors in our community advance their skills.

Each course is 4 weeks long, 2 hours per week.

Location of all courses:

Our rehearsal space near Sungshin Women's University Station (Subway Line 4)

(Directions will be sent to participants.)

To Register:

Email info@seoulshakespeare.com by October 3 with your name, your phone number, and the name of the course(s) you would like to take. We will respond with bank account details, and your spot will be confirmed once we receive your tuition funds. 

& Ensemble Work
Saturdays, 12-2pm
October 6, 13, 20, and 27
(8 hours total instruction)
Tuition fee: 80,000KRW
A series of movement and ensemble-building techniques designed to hone actors' instincts onstage.
Course Objectives:
-develop spatial awareness, body awareness, and physical and mental openness,
-develop greater ability to connect with and react to others,
-hone moment to moment physical impulses,
-break away from the idea of performing, stripping down performance to the pure self in the moment
Instructor: Lauren Ash-Morgan
More information here.
Acting Shakespeare's Text
Saturdays, 2-4pm
October 6, 13, 20, and 27
(8 hours total instruction)
Tuition fee: 80,000KRW
Learn fundamental techniques for performing Shakespeare's text. Recommended for actors of all levels, particularly those with advanced experience.
Course Objectives:
-develop an extensive toolkit for approaching Shakespeare’s text,
-open up to new and interesting acting choices, guided by the language
Instructors: Lauren Ash-Morgan and Michael Downey
More information here.
Exploring Gugak in Theatre Training
Sundays, 12-2pm
October 7, 14, 21, and 28
(8 hours total instruction)
Tuition fee: 80,000KRW
An exploratory introduction to Korean traditional dance and singing techniques, with an emphasis on their benefits for actors.

Course objective:

-expand one's abilities in vocal production and movement by learning specific new ways of moving and vocalizing

Instructor: Lauren Ash-Morgan
More information here.