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This page is now out of date.
Please visit our main Celebrating Shakespeare, 2021 page for current information.

We Invite You to Participate in 

Celebrating Shakespeare 2021!

What to Create:


Option 1: Performance

Post a video (or just audio) of yourself performing a monologue or scene. It can be as rough and off-the-cuff or as polished and rehearsed as you like!


Option 2: Sharing Thoughts on Shakespeare

Share some thoughts on Shakespeare (video, audio, writing, etc.) reflecting on something along these lines:

-what Shakespeare means to you

-a production of Shakespeare you've seen

-a role of Shakespeare you've played, or a play you've directed or designed



-Your piece needn’t be brand new. If you’ve used it before for another purpose, that’s fine. 

-This is a celebration, not a competition, and is intended as a creative outlet. We hope you'll explore others’ pieces on our Celebrating Shakespeare 2021 page, and like and support them on their platforms.

-Create as many pieces as you like throughout 2021! 

How to Connect with Our Celebration:


1) First, post your piece on your own preferred platform(s) (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, your website, or any other place) using the hashtag #SpeechofFireCelebratingShakespeare2021.


2) Then, fill out the information form below and we'll add you to our Celebrating Shakespeare 2021 page so people can find your pieces easily!

Questions? Email us at

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