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"This here's an arena." 



An original, raw, intimate, and uncompromising piece of contemporary theatre.


Approximate running time: 1 hour

Trailer (2019)



"This here's an arena."


High school English teacher David, and his wife, Susan, return to David’s rural hometown in Arkansas for the funeral of his estranged, alcoholic father. While visiting the emptied-out garage where his father used to fix cars, the couple unexpectedly encounters Brandon, David’s childhood bully. During an alcohol-infused night in the garage together, David, Susan, and Brandon reveal parts of themselves in unexpected, intimate, sometimes violent ways.

Garage was originally devised by Dive Theatre in New York City (written by Michael Hogwood, Nathan Riley, Bryce Kemph, Jenna Kirk, and Jason Cutler), with rewrites in 2014 by Jason Cutler, and was premiered in its new form by Seoul Shakespeare Company in 2017. It was revived in 2019 as a co-production between Seoul Shakespeare Company and Speech of Fire. 

Content warnings: Adult language, sexual themes, some physical violence.

This play is appropriate for adults, college students, and mature high school students.

Not appropriate for children.

An original, raw, intimate, and uncompromising piece of contemporary theatre.

Written by Jason Cutler and the members of Dive Theatre
Starring Jason Cutler, Jamie Horan, and Lauren Ash-Morgan

Directed by Michael Downey

Content warnings: Adult language, sexual themes, physical violence.

Not appropriate for children.

Approximate running time: 1 hour



New York Theatre Review


"Extremely satisfying"

"Heart-wrenching finale, leaving the audience agasp"
Keun Soli Magazine



New York Theatre Review

Garage has got some teeth!”

“The set-up of this play just plain works.”


Jason Cutler

Co-writer / Brandon

Michael Downey Headshot_edited.jpg

Michael Downey


IMG_0086_ (1)_edited.jpg

Lauren Ash-Morgan



Jamie Horan


 GARAGE in the Press:


Korea Times (2019):

"Speech of Fire enriches Seoul's theater scene"

Keun Soli Magazine 큰소리 매거진 (2017):
"SSC's brutal Garage (차고) builds tension through character"

The Korea Herald (2017):
"SSC ratchets up the drama with ‘Garage’"  
"Seoul Shakespeare Company returns to the stage with a claustrophobic contemporary tale of grudges and recriminations."  


The Korea Times (2017):

"Seoul Shakespeare Company stages 'Garage'"

Interview with Lauren Ash-Morgan (SSC Artistic Director, Producer, "Susan") (2017)

"It is a gripping piece of theatre, and you won’t find anything else like it here in Seoul."


Poster for Garage, less info (this is wh


Graphic design: Joongwon Jeong



Graphic design: Joongwon Jeong

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